Monday, March 1, 2010

Wine for Normal People

Elizabeth Schneider writes about wine from the burgeoning Southern wineblog center of Atlanta, Georgia with Wine for Normal People, a great name for blog. Because wine isn't a beverage of the elite or effete, it's something that can and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Elizabeth posts about once a week, but when she does it's chock full of photos, maps, and detailed information. It's a scholarly but not snooty approach to the subject that I really admire.

Also, I'm going to take this opportunity to issue a challenge: Texas, Virginia, and Georgia are going strong so far in WITS. I know Florida has to have some more winebloggers, and I'm still looking for folks out there in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Readers and bloggers, send me your links!


Joe said...

speaking of Texas, be sure to add ...Jeremy is a whiz of Italian wine and I believe is in Austin.

Joe said...

Also, and in Georgia

Benito said...

Thanks for the tips, Joe! Links added, posts to follow at some point...

Veronique - The American formerly known as Ceci said...

Fellow wine blogger here =) I don't know if my wine blog counts for this site or not ... but here it goes. I write the wine blog Vinously Speaking. ( I am a born and raised Texan (San Antonio), but here is the catch - I have been in France for the last two years studying for my Masters in Wine Business in Dijon, France. I started my wine blog to keep my family and friends back home up to date with my wine adventures here and after a few months I started getting a lot more readers from all over. If its cool, I would really love to be included in the Texas list of wine blogs =) Hope yall will add me!! Take Care!

"Ever had a drink of watermelon wine?" he asked
He told me all about it, though I didn't answer back
"Ain't but three things in this world that's worth a solitary dime,
But old dogs and children and watermelon wine."Tom T. Hall